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Wake Interactive Development & Display Analysis Tools on the Cutting Edge of Wake Turbulence Evaluations

WIDAT’s Vspace-Pro™ Visualization of ASAT4WV-Pro™ Simulation Engine Operational Scenario

As the need to enhance the utilization of existing airspace and supporting infrastructure increases, so does the need for computer tools to allow designers to optimize airspace for efficiency while maintaining the desired level of safety.

WIDAT™ fulfills the long existing need for a highly interactive computer automation system capable of providing airspace designers with quick answers to critical and complex wind turbulence related questions.

In many studies, the spatial relation between aircraft, wakes, terrain, and other objects is highly complex, and critical to the understanding of the study case. WIDAT™ provides a complete picture of the operational environment by combining one of ATSI’s interactive operational scenario simulation engines (user selectable) with Vspace-Pro™, ATSI’s powerful 3D visualization package. The components interact seamlessly to provide unparalleled efficiency in the development and analysis of complex multiple aircraft operational scenarios involving wake vortex issues. Despite its power, WIDAT™ is user friendly.

WIDAT’s ASAT4WV-Pro™ Simulation Engine
On-Line Display

In addition to the wide range of built-in features, ATSI customizes WIDAT™ for customers’ specific requirements, making it the perfect choice to satisfy the needs of the FAA as well as other user groups within as the U.S. and abroad.