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An Interactive 3D Visualization Tool for risk analysis applications and aerospace studies

In response to the ever-growing complexity and multi-disciplinary nature of many of today’s air traffic management optimization studies, VSpace-Pro™ provides a very powerful yet easy to use tool for visualizing terminal area operational scenarios.

VSpace-Pro™ is compatible with a wide range of products developed by ATSI, including: AeroSim-Pro™, ASAT4VESA™, ASAT4ODTO™, ASAT4WV-Pro, ASAT4SCIA™, ASAT4LAHSO™ and ASAT4ILSRNP™. VSpace-Pro™ excels in showing highly accurate representations of wake turbulence vortices and their relationship among aircraft and terrain in a given operational scenario.

Aircraft at a gate, DC International Airport

VSpace-Pro™ has many features especially designed to visualize data critical to a better understanding of a given operational scenario. All aspects of a complex operation are addressed by VSpace-Pro™ and presented with meaningful data.

As an example, to help flight crews better understand a given operation, VSpace-Pro™ can depict a cockpit view from any selected aircraft in the operation, as well as an instrument control panel with essential flight data, such as aircraft heading, artificial horizon, altitude, indicated airspeed, and climb rate. Instrument panels can be customized upon request.

Night time aerial view of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Aerial view of Seattle International Airport