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Student Portal

SMART┬áincludes fully functioning web-based simulation management tools. SMART web portals can be configured to control any lab environment and allow complete control of all simulations from any internet connected device. All SMART web portals can be customized to meet specific organization’s requirements.

The SMART Student Portal provides students access to online activities, cloud based exercises, and the ability to review past exercises and references. Each student can login to their portal to do a variety of activities such as take quizzes and phraseology exercises that have been created by their instructors. In addition to these activities, cloud based simulations can be launched through the student portal that allow voice control of tower and radar exercises. Multiple students can participate in exercises together, and remote pilots can join if necessary. The student also has access to Activity and Exercise history, including reviewing past simulation videos, reviewing rule violations that were recorded by the system, and downloading evaluation forms.

Student Portal Screenshots