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SMART Cloud is an intelligent computer network package developed by Air Traffic Simulation, Inc (ATSI) that allows SMART to communicate, record, and display the simulation on all applications within the network.

Using SMART Cloud, the developer can focus on the specific requirements of the distributed application, while the SMART Cloud takes care of all the complex inter-computer communications and storage.

SMART Cloud can be configured to run on most commercial cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. SMART Cloud can also be hosted from private servers within a business to meet any security requirements.

SMART Cloud is redundant across all available computers assigned to be “world” simulation machines. If one machine is not available, the bank of remaining simulation machines will load balance accordingly. All SMART stations can be quickly re-configured to any task within SMART world scenarios. All system databases are replicated to standby machines ready to take over the tasks needed for database access. Web services are ran inside virtual machines that can be migrated to other hosts at a moments notice. All server and application servers within the cloud can be quickly built from snapshots to resume normal operation.