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A high fidelity Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower simulation system dedicated to ATC R&D and to the training of Air Traffic Tower Controllers and Air Tower Operators at all levels. Being designed and developed for research and training in mind and is not only accurate but also highly configurable as far as hardware and operational scenarios.

SMART 3D Tower can be configured to simulate a wide range of Control Tower environments as far as equipment and number of positions and can also be used for specific site training or research.

As part of the SMART series of products, SMART 3D Tower operates within the highly realistic SMART Virtual World Environment (SVWE) that is comprised of high fidelity models of surveillance radars and automation systems, radar displays, aircraft, pseudo pilots and instructor stations linked via the SMART-Connectâ„¢ network.

The SMART architecture, through access to aeronautical databases and its highly interactive and intuitive front end interface, allows the operator to develop realistic and accurate site specific operational scenarios. These scenarios are comprised of accurate locations of runways, navigation aids and even specific fleet mix of aircraft types and call signs operating at the selected location. Like other SMART components, SMART 3D Tower is fully configurable through the SMART Web Portal.

Ellsworth AFB Runway 13 Take Off

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Minot AFB Tower & Parked Aircraft

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ATSI Academy Terminal & Parked Aircraft

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3D Tower Screenshots

Model with translation guides

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Airport building model controls.