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Air Traffic Control (ATC) high fidelity radar simulation system dedicated to ATC R&D and to the training of Air Traffic Controllers at all levels of radar operations.

SMART-Radar was designed with Air Traffic Control R&D and ATC training in mind, and it is highly realistic as well as rapidly configurable for hardware and operational scenarios. SMART-Radar can be configured to simulate a wide range of radar systems, including their specific displays and performance, including site specific systems with unique characteristics.

SMART-Radar is WGS-84 coordinate system based, the same coordinates system used by GPS satellites.

This coordinates system is compatible with the most commonly used Aeronautical databases allowing easy and efficient access to critical data during the development of an operational scenario.

As part of the SMART series of products, SMART-Radar operates within the highly realistic SMART Virtual World Environment (SVWE) that comprises of high fidelity models of surveillance radars, automation system, radar displays, aircrafts, pseudo pilots and instructor stations, linked via the SMART-Connectâ„¢ network.

The SMART architecture, with access to aeronautical databases and its highly interactive and intuitive scenario development interface, allow the operator to develop realistic and accurate site specific operational scenarios that include the accurate locations of runways, taxiways and navigation aids and even the specific fleet mix of aircraft types and call signs operating at the selected location.

SVWE and SMART-Connect provide two critical functionalities to any Customer: the ability to easily expand and optimize the configuration of the system based upon changing needs; and the ability to communicate with other systems, such as flight simulators using common industry standard communication protocols.

Like other SMART simulators, SMART-Radar interacts with the Instructor Companion, a wireless, handheld multi-function extension of the instructor station.

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