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The Cutting Edge of TERPS 8260.52 (RNP/SAAAR) Procedure Development Automation

SAAAR procedure shown over sectional charts

SAAAR-Pro™ is the latest addition to ATSI’s suite of tools for the automated design and evaluation of TERPS 8260 compliant procedures.

SAAAR-Pro‘s intuitive process guides the user through all phases of development, beginning with placement of waypoints, through obstacle clearance evaluation, and ending with the automated generation of 8260.XX forms for submission.

SAAAR-Pro™ easily and accurately generates ‘radius-to-a-fix’ (RF) and ‘fly-by'(FB) turns, allowing the user to focus on optimization of waypoint placement and design, and ensuring a highly refined final procedure.

SAAAR procedure RNP change and missed approach.

SAAAR-Pro™ also has the ability to access live data from the FAA database, as well as DTED®, DAFIF™, and other databases.

SAAAR-Pro™ is currently available for licensing.