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An automated procedure development tool for TERPS 8260.53 (diverse departure)

RDVA procedure shown over sectional charts

Air Traffic Simulation, Incorporated (ATSI) created RDVA-Pro™ in response to a need for a diverse departure procedure design tool. RDVA-Pro™ was developed with continued interaction with industry experts to ensure compliance with TERPS 8260.53 criteria and maximize the tool’s efficiency.

ATSI also worked with end users to ensure a logical and user-friendly interface. RDVA-Pro™ reduces the otherwise labor-intensive process of reading topographical maps and manually developing and evaluating diverse departures from months to minutes. The automation of RDVA-Pro™ makes it a simple task to design a departure from any airport and runway worldwide, as well as to follow the criteria to give an accurate depiction of where aircraft can be directed. ATSI created RDVA-Pro™ with not only the user in mind, but with the user operating the software during its development.

RDVA-Pro™, as with all ATSI software, is designed to be robust and invaluable for expert users as well as logical and intuitive to novice users.

Sample RDVA PNA area

RDVA-Pro™ can be used to create a diverse departure following the RDVA criteria published by the FAA. RDVA-Pro™ allows the user to select any region in the world and create a SID for any number of runways to be evaluated independently or collectively. RDVA-Pro™ outputs data from each evaluated runway for directing air traffic according to the RDVA criteria, creating forms for submission for a flight procedure and gathering data to show an obstacle’s effect on air traffic or other purposes.

Waypoints can be selected to create pilot navigation areas to be evaluated for obstructions. Each PNA is evaluated to establish a minimum climb gradient for selected runways.

RDVA-Pro™ allows multiple output formats including 2D and 3D graphic representations, tables listing obstructions of the RDVA surfaces, and HTML output summaries.

RDVA-Pro Internet Presentationh