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An automation tool for AC 120-91 Engine-Out procedures

ATSI understands the need for fast, reliable and accurate automation means to design and check AC 120-91 engine out flight procedures. As a leader in the field, ATSI has introduced a new tool for the design of engine out procedures, the “Engine out Surface Evaluator” or EOSE.

EOSE™ is a straightforward, yet robust, automation tool that can be used in all phases of the development and evaluation of engine out procedures. Special attention has been given to the flexibility of the tool with many user specified evaluation parameters, so the user is able to easily design a procedure to fit the specific requirements of the user’s unique situation.

As Matthew Green, the leader of the product development team explains “With EOSE you are always a few mouse clicks away from getting an AC 120-91 compatible engine out evaluation done. The tool reduces the traditionally labor intensive process to a logical and easy one” and goes on adding “…the tool is highly flexible and allows the user to optimize the design by checking any desired “what if” scenario in a manner of seconds”.

EOSE™ uses up to date data from governmental agencies such as United States Federal Aviation Administration data for airports, runways, obstacles, airways, and sectional charts, but also has the ability to use world wide data. For terrain data it uses DTED from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

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