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An Interactive 3D Terminal Area Visualization Tool for depiction of obstacle clearance surfaces, flight tracks and iso-probability containment volumes.

AeroScene3D™ uses ATSI’s Vspace-Pro™ 3D technology for interactive 3D visualization of airport environments. AeroScene3D™ is highly customizable, with many options for displaying models and critical data, making it a natural candidate for time-sensitive projects.

Aircraft at a gate, San Francisco International Airport

In addition to realistic scenery and specific surveyed structures of interest, AeroScene3D™ depicts highly complex surfaces, including obstacle clearance surfaces (OCS) and iso-probability containment volumes derived from critical data such as the ICAO Collision Risk Model (CRM), approach and missed approach flight test data, and others.

AeroScene3D™ combines USGS satellite imagery with DTED® and current aerospace information to accurately portray terminal area models. Precise airport models are produced using WGS-84 calculations, and additional airport building models are available. Highly accurate models of runways and terminal buildings give AeroScene3D™ the ability to show physical spatial relationships among objects of interest, such as obstacles/structures and OCS, as well as objects in relation to iso-probability containment volumes.

Night time aerial view of a terminal
at Chicago O’Hare International Airport

AeroScene3D™ features a generic OCS tool for creation and depiction of various obstacle surfaces and their relation to obstacles.

AeroScene3D™ is also capable of displaying aircraft flight tracks along with OCS and missed approach iso-probability volumes, giving the user the ability to see a clear picture that can only be achieved in a 3D representation.

Aircraft departing on a snowy day
at Denver International Airport